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Your Body, Your Tattoo

Supporting your rights to your body in any tattoo shop

Your Body, Your Tattoo: Welcome

You deserve respect every single appointment.

Tattooing can be so many things.

Historically, it is a major part of regional cultures; celebrating coming of age, war achievements, honoring a deity or a group they belong to.

It can be used as a way to celebrate new life, solidify a memory of a loved one or experience. It can build bonds in relationships, or just make you laugh.

It's often referred to (sort of) jokingly as therapy.

Tattoos are so powerful, they can make you love a part of your body you've previously been self conscious about.

So much of how you feel about your tattoo is in its application- all the way down to how you're treated during the session.

Unfortunately, in the time that I've been tattooing, I've heard so many stories of how a tattooer a client trusted, sought out and waited for, abused their trust.

Unwanted touching, groping, kissing, etc., unnecessary nudity, and harassment, and so much more happening in a session that traumatizes the client for the entertainment of the tattooer.

While my immediate priority was to address this problem in my local area since it was affecting my friends and their friends, I quickly learned that this was a much larger issue. It's global.

I am just one person. So my goal with this project is a reasonable one:

Inform clients, tattooers, and piercers that this is a real issue, and point out predatory behavior indicators.

My thinking is if I make clients aware of red flags, they can make decisions during their time to prevent any more trauma. Trauma that they are permanently reminded of with their tattoo. 

I also partnered with Family Support Services to offer support for anyone who has experienced any form of abuse in a shop. 

This project isn't to harm any careers. It is to protect clients that are susceptible to abuse. 

  • Follow @Yourbody_Yourtattoo on Instagram for tips and red flags.

  • Email me if you have questions about any of this project or if you're a tattooer wanting to get involved.

  • Visit the Family Support Services website if you need resources on what to do if you've experienced any abuse. 

As always, we keep all communication anonymous at all times. 

It's your body. It's your tattoo. 

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